Ever since I was a kid I have been making things to wear out of anything I could find. My mom is truly the arts and crafts teacher for me. She recently informed me that this was something that began when I was born and had not been part of her life prior. She would make an art project out of anything and it was always fun. Over time, and more so after I was gone, she truly fell in love with making jewelry. Her creative influence showed me that if I wanted something I could make it!

For years now I have been honing my skills, learning materials, and making a variety of belts out of materials that seem like they were meant for such things. In the most recent couple years I have been sewing belts together out of a variety of webbing, trims, industrial fabrics, and anything that is flexible enough to work on or as a belt. For the buckles I have been hand painting flip buckles and custom powder coating d-rings. In this folder you will find pictures showing a variety of my recent belt work.