ESPO's project "A Love Letter For You" was weird roller coaster ride from start to finish. It was fun, stressful, educational, aggravating, and hot as hell, but most importantly it was a dream come true for the core team. A wealth of background and information on the project can be found online, so I won’t get into it here. Do an Internet search to see for yourself how the project evolved and was received worldwide!

In this folder, I want to show just a few pictures from the actual project, and not the walls you’ve all seen before. I documented the project with photos and video for weeks. Then, in classic form, I left my camera on the subway… then 10 minutes later I was literally bitten to the bone by a dying cat in an overgrown lot while experiencing 100-degree weather with 100% humidity! Ahhh, the memories! Anyway, I started over with a new camera and the results show the project away from the walls, show some of the character of the base of operations, and individuals that made it all happen. It really was a once in a lifetime opportunity.